Our Expertise

The Center for Intelligent Research in Crystal Engineering (CIRCE) has faced the challenge to become a reference in the Solid-State field. But to get it, it is mandatory to offer the best technologies; and in CIRCE we believe we have them.

For this purpose, CIRCE has been founded as a company where its entire staff owns a wide experience, in the investigation field, academia and the pharmaceutical industry and we maintain collaborations and lines of research with the most prestigious universities. This is in order to be able to offer our technical advice and support on all the matters related to the API’s solid-state or their Intellectual Property.

Furthermore, in CIRCE we continue developing projects of high technological standards with the aim to keep counting uniquely with our high-throughput computational technologies to predict cocrystallization and polymorphism and resolve all questions related to the drugs development.

The Drugs Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (APIs) are produced as solids in different crystalline forms or in amorphous state. These various crystalline forms include different polymorphs of one pure compound, cocrystals, solvates (hydrates) and salts.


In order to improve the solubility and bioavailability of one API or one chemical entity in the solid-state, chemists are definitely opting for cocrystals.

In this sense, Professor Christopher Hunter (Department of Chemistry, University of Sheffield), has developed the most reliable technology to predict which coformers will cocrystallize with higher probability with a specific molecule: Virtual Cocrystal Screening.

CIRCE has acquired the intellectual rights for the use of this software, described in the Royal Chemistry Journal, Chemical Science (2011(2), 883-890) with the objective of offering it to the agrochemical and pharmaceutical companies.


CIRCE also owns the license of Professor Juan J. Novoa (Molecular Material Structure Group, University of Barcelona). He has developed a Virtual Polymorph Screening software with the aim to predict the existence of new polymorphs for a particular organic compound. This software has already demonstrated the ability to predict the polymorphism of a broad variety of APIs.

Other Services

Complementarily to these outstanding high-throughput computational screening services, CIRCE also offers the possibility to perform combined experimental screening of cocrystals, polymorphs and salts, as well as an accurate and extensive physicochemical characterization and thermal stability determination.

All these previous analysis contribute to generate the necessary confident data in order to assure a good final product for our partners and to maintain or extend the intellectual property of their compounds.

In CIRCE, as a result of our high principles and since we are a company that offers pharmaceutical services, we are interested in collaborating with our clients in a very active manner, becoming their partners and creating long-term relations. For this reason, we propose global solutions through unique and state of the art technologies, to solve your problems, related to your APIs as well as in developing protection strategies and/or extending the intellectual properties of your New Chemical Entities (NCEs)

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