Experimental screening

Although our hallmark are the unique and innovative prediction technologies, CIRCE possess extensive facilities and capabilities to carry out experimental screening to search for new cocrystals, polymorphs and salts. The facilities are equipped with the state-of-the-art instruments and highly qualified technical staff with proven experience in the field to perform not just experimental screening but to synthesize, characterize and scale up the new cocrystals, salts or polymorphs

CIRCE offers two different services to companies wishing to work with us and take advantage of our expertise in the field of cocrystals: the standard experimental cocrystal screening or the virtually predicted one.

Furthermore, Salt and polymorph screening are also available to complement the CIRCE cocrystallization services.

In CIRCE, as a result of our high principles and since we are a company that offers pharmaceutical services, we are interested in collaborating with our clients in a very active manner, becoming their partners and creating long-term relations. For this reason, we propose global solutions through unique and state of the art technologies, to solve your problems, related to your APIs as well as in developing protection strategies and/or extending the intellectual properties of your New Chemical Entities (NCEs).

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