Our business model is not only based on carrying out one-time services for our clients, but on trying to establish long-term relationships based on collaboration and mutual trust in order to achieve their goals. We want to be a partner for your projects, contributing with all our knowledge for the benefit of the final result.

Therefore, CIRCE works under a flexible commercial model. We can execute projects through service agreements but also through a variety of different approaches, adapting our R&D and service agreements to our partners´ demands and needs.

After the signature of a Confidential Disclosure Agreement (CDA), we evaluate the project with our partner in depth, discussing strategies, objectives, milestones, technical alternatives, duration, deliverables… We only accept those projects where we perceive a realistic probability of success.

Depending on the nature of the project we can work in the framework of:

• Services agreement. The scope, duration and resources allocated are agreed between the client and CIRCE, as well as a fee of compensation. All intellectual property rights derived from the project belong to the client upon signing the contract.

• Partnership. This is a risk sharing approach where CIRCE share the risk of the project with their own resources and, in case of success, will share the return of the investment. Intellectual property is negotiated between the parties as part of the deal.

• Between these two models, we can study any other proposal, like working under a fee per success model, where the client will have to comply with the agreed fee only if the objective is successfully accomplished. Our priority is to be flexible enough to adapt ourselves to our client business model and contract requirements.

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