Physicochemical characterization

One of the most important stages to accomplish in the development of a new crystal form is the adequate physicochemical characterization to guarantee the right identification of a new patentable compound. This characterization, besides, will prevent future possible problems of Intellectual Property.

The expertise and facilities of CIRCE allow to perform accurate characterizations of those new cocrystals, polymorphs or salts, as well as raw materials, APIs and drug products developed by or for the pharmaceutical and the agrochemical industries. Our facilities have the technical staff and are equipped with the state-of-the-art instruments and devices necessary to carry out a precise characterization of New Chemical Entities (NCE). These include:

  • Crystallography: To obtain the three dimensional structure of a new crystal form and to distinguish between an existing form and a new one, crystallography techniques are essential. For this reason, Single Crystal and Powder X-Ray Diffraction are available for our partners.
  • Calorimetric techniques: Differential Scanning Calorimetry and Thermogravimetry are techniques which can provide useful thermal information of a new crystal form, including melting point, thermal stability, polymorphic transformations, Loss on Drying Test, etc.
  • Thermomicroscopy: Hot-stage microscopy throws important information about the presence of solvent in a new form along with its thermal stability and can be used, as well, as an additional technique for in situ formation of cocrystals through the “Kofler hot stage contact method”.
  • Spectroscopic techniques: In CIRCE, Analytical techniques are available also, to measure the grade of purity and composition. Among these, NMR and FTIR are included.

In CIRCE, as a result of our high principles and since we are a company that offers pharmaceutical services, we are interested in collaborating with our clients in a very active manner, becoming their partners and creating long-term relations. For this reason, we propose global solutions through unique and state of the art technologies, to solve your problems, related to your APIs as well as in developing protection strategies and/or extending the intellectual properties of your New Chemical Entities (NCEs).

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