CIRCE Scientific

CIRCE Scientific was founded in 2012, essentially focused on performing crystal engineering research of pharmaceutical compounds for pharma companies. 

Since 2017 we have developed our own pipeline of optimized active ingredients for longevity and healthy aging. 

By applying our proprietary crystal engineering platform, we aim to dramatically optimize the health benefits of known active ingredients such as pterostilbene, ubiquinol, sitosterol and vitamin D, in order to develop innovative nutraceutical and pharmaceutical products in emerging health and longevity markets.

Our products bring significant improvements and benefits to the longevity healthcare sector. Product application is broad and can be also used in the sport and pet industries.

Our products are high-quality, safe and scientific driven. 

Our headquarters are based in Mallorca, additional offices and laboratories in the Barcelona Scientific Park of the University of Barcelona.

The company was founded by Fernando Barrera, expert in technology transfer and Dr. Rafael Prohens, expert in crystallography. Our experienced management team has extensive experience in molecular science.