An advanced technological platform

Circe has developed an ADVANCED TECHNOLOGICAL PLATFORM that allows us to identify and characterize THE NEW CRYSTALLINE SOLID FORMS (COCRYSTRALS) of the active compounds with IMPROVED PROPERTIES and that SOLVE DESCRIBED ISSUES.

CIRCE has developed unique methodologies and research tools, including a proprietary predictive software, that supports experimental research.

But, what are cocrystals?

COCRYSTALS are formed by combining the active ingredient with a second compound (coformer) on a molecular level, that modifies its physicochemical properties.

Cocrystals of active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs) have received massive attention over the past decade because they offer many opportunities to improve physicochemical properties of drugs. Cocrystal approach is a versatile toolbox to tune properties as solubility, bioavailability, stability and another important property because of the high number of available potential coformers.


Added value to cocrystals:

CIRCE has discovered, developed and patented several improved active ingredients, selected among the most interesting ones from a market point of view.

Improved products(better stability, solubility, bioavailability…)

Can be formulated for further improvement

New Product patents (Extended protection)

Viable solid form allows product diversification