What is Pterostilbene?

Pterostilbene is a stilbenoid found in many natural sources, predominantly in blueberries.

It is chemically related to the more well-known resveratrol.

Both are potent antioxidants used in longevity supplements due to their sirtuins activation properties.

CIRCE Scientific Pterostilbene

Through cocrystal engineering, CIRCE Scientific has developed a unique patented combination of pterostilbene and picolinic acid that improves pterostilbene’s bioavailability 10 times up to >99%, making it much more efficient than any form of pterostilbene in the market.

Health benefits 

CIRCE Scientific cocrystal pterostilbene provides unique additional health benefits:

Bioavailability 10 times up to >99% of the oral bioavailability intake

40x times more soluble

Improving the absorption of Zinc, Chrome and other key minerals.

Pterostilbene properties

Pterostilbene has a large range of health-beneficial effects and acts as an inducer of multiple cell-death pathways.

Helps slow the aging process

Helps fight & prevent cancer

Boosts brain health & prevents Alzheimer’s

Reduces risk for heart disease

Helps regulate blood sugar & manage diabetes

Due to its structural characteristics, standard pterostilbene exhibits better bioavailability than resveratrol. However pterostilbene’s oral bioavailability remains low, only 5-16% of the total intake, which lowers its biological effectiveness

Application areas

We commercialize the ingredients directly, in the form of improved raw material to food, supplement, cosmetic, feed, or pharmaceutical companies.

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